World Cup


Staff will announce the start date of the RRWC 30 days in advance.
That means that all mappers have 30 days notice to make progress on their maps.
Mappers should coordinate the release of their maps on a weekly basis.
Each round will last 1 week with new maps released every week.

As soon as the map is released, players will then have 7 days to send their replays to staff.
Staff will inspect all demos, assign scores and release the complete archive once finished.



Mappers / Testers:

  1. Mappers and testers cannot compete as a racer, they can race but they will not be allocated RRWC points.
  2. Map must be new (not previously uploaded to the workshop).
    It may not be a reworked/altered version of a previously uploaded map.
    Unfinished maps that a mapper decides to finish for the purpose of this tournament are allowed.
  3. RRWC staff will review the map and provide a link for download. Maps may not be uploaded to the steam workshop until the associated round end date.
  4. You cannot show the map to anyone (besides other mappers/testers) before release or give hints / advices to racers about routes before and after round start.
  5. Maps can be any "style": strafe only, weapons, climb maps, etc.
    The only criteria is that there cannot be any route that allow some players to gain an unfair advantage over others.
  6. Somewhere visible at the start of your map, please use the Reflex text effect to label your map. For example, "Reflex Race World Cup 2018: Round 1 by lolograde."


  1. Scripts, cheats, mutators, or modifications to the base movement/gameplay physics of the current Reflex version are not allowed. Staff reserves the right to disqualify any new exploits discovered during the tournament. If you are concerned about a disqualifying exploit, please contact tournament staff BEFORE the round ends for advice.
  2. Only default (non-experimental) or staff choice movement ruleset is allowable.
  3. You cannot use the wallbug exploit to get help on skips or jump out of the map.
  4. You can upload more than one replay as long as you specify which one is your primary submission by the end of the round. In the event your primary replay is disqualified, you can choose which other replay will take its place. If you upload more than 1 disqualified replay, you will be disqualified from receiving any points for the round.
  5. Racers may not reset the race start timer for the purpose of changing velocity. This rule would be violated if a racer's model completely crosses the race start boundary more than once while maintaining or changing velocity.
  6. Racers may not use weapons fired from a previous life to change velocity after respawning.
  7. Weapon projectiles may only affect the run they were fired in. Resetting the timer or dying starts a new run.

Scoring System:

For testing purposes, the RRWC 2019 is going to use the EESystem instead of the original below.

NOTE: We will be excluding the so-called "NASCAR Addition" which allows participants to drop their worst round.
This part of the EE system will NOT be used and therefore all rounds will be reflected in the scoring.

1st place:  100p 
2nd place:  85p  
3rd place:  64p  
4th place:  43p 
5th place:  32p 
6th place:  21p 
7th place:  19p 
8th place:  15p 
9th place:  11p 
10th place:  8p 
11th place:  5p 
12th place:  3p 
13th place:  2p 
14th place:  1p 
Nth place:  1p 

Demo not submitted, disqualified or not signed as racer: 0p

Ties: In the event of a tie at cup end, position will be determined by number of wins or higher results (eg. more 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th places and so on).