Touring Cup

A Touring Cup is a monthly racing tournament based on skill tiers.


Introducing racing skill tiers:
Players can choose from 2 different types of tiers on registration, GRADE-B for lower tiers or newbies or GRADE-A for the most competitive racers.

Smurfing is not allowed however there are no restrictions for low tier players to join GRADE-A.

To keep tiers from going stale there's also a promotion / demotion system that keeps the players flowing between grades.

Staff will announce a map for the round on sunday and players will then have 5 days to send a single demo to them (deadline every friday at 10pm UTC+0).

They'll inspect the replay, assign a score to it and release the complete archive once finished.




  1. Scripts, cheats, mutators, or modifications to the base movement/gameplay physics of the current Reflex version are not allowed.
  2. Only default (non-experimental) or staff choice movement ruleset is allowable.
  3. You cannot use the wallbug exploit to get help on skips or jump out of the map.
  4. You can only sign-up on cups that match your grade**.
  5. You must and can only submit a single replay saved of your run (submitting a wrong or multiple demos at once will get you disqualified from the round).
  6. You cannot submit an old or previously grinded demo of the same map.

** Grade sorting is a players choice at first however known strong players (even with secondary and/or unknown accounts) cannot apply to GRADE-B.

Scoring System:

1st place:  50p + 1p on WR 
2nd place:  45p 
3rd place:  40p 
4th place:  35p 
5th place:  30p 
6th place:  25p 
7th place:  20p 
8th place:  15p 
9th place:  10p 
10th place:  5p 
11th place:  0p 
12th place:  0p 
Nth place:  0p 

Demo not submitted or player disqualified: 0p

Ties: In the event of a tie at cup end, position will be determined by number of wins or higher results (eg. more 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th places and so on).