Live Cup

A Live Cup is a small and casual livestreamed tournament that last 3 rounds for 14 racers maximum.


A round gets announced every weekend and every round has a 3 map rotation. Map duration is 30 minutes for a total of 90 minutes per round.

Players up to 14 racers and 1-3 streamers must join the server at least 20 minutes before round start, racers coming up late will be disqualified from the cup.
If there are less than 8 racers or less than 1 streamer & staff participating in the Live Cup, it won't take place.

Maps will get picked by the staff in-game and players are required to vote for it if the server doesn't allow for referee mode or auto-rotation.




  1. Racers must not spectate in any moment.
  2. Scripts, cheats, mutators, or modifications to the base movement/gameplay physics of the current Reflex version are not allowed.
  3. Only default (non-experimental) or staff choice movement ruleset is allowable.
  4. Players cannot use the wallbug exploit to get help on skips or jump out of the map.
  5. No chat flaming or flooding.
  6. Region restricted apply (#eu-cup / #na-cup).

Since finishing a round saves on the leaderboards, maps will be played locally on the server by "callvote map" command.

In case workshop maps are not available for download locally, players that race will implicitly agree that their times could get overwritten.

Scoring System:

1st place: 27p + 6p on WR 
2nd place: 23p 
3rd place: 19p 
4th place: 15p 
5th place: 12p 
6th place: 10p 
7th place: 8p 
8th place: 6p 
9th place: 4p 
10th place: 2p 
11th place: 1p 
12th place: 0p 

** Getting disqualified or voluntarily leaving the match: 0p

+1p bonus if you attend for the entire round (all 3 maps) without disconnecting, for a total of +3p at the end of the cup.

Ties: In the event of a tie at cup end, position will be determined by number of wins or higher results (eg. more 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th places and so on).

Quitting / Disqualified: Players disqualified or leaving the match won't receive any points and players after them will climb the leaderboards accordingly.
Crashes or net issues must be verified by the staff and must not last more than 2 minutes.